• Can I smoke on the bus?


  • Is there a toilet on the bus?

YES! We have a toilet on-board both of our 40 & 50 & 60 seater buses! So no need to stop at every petrol station on long journeys!

  • Can I bring my own drinks?

YES! Bring as much as you like!

  • Can the bar be stocked for me?


  • Can I bring my own music?

YES! CD’s are best, but our system can play iPods, and any device with a headphone jack!

  • Can I play a presentation on the TV?

YES, however this is dependent on the bus hired. Our TV’s only play visual images (not audio) so you can connect your laptop to the TV and do power point presentations, or put a DVD/Picture CD in the DVD player.

  • Can I bring food on the bus?

YES! We do have space for a few finger food platters & nibbles which you can bring along at no extra charge.

  • How many adults can be seated comfortably on the bus?

Our single decker can take a maximum of 40 people; however, 30 ADULTS will be seated comfortably. Our double decker can take a maximum of 50 people; however, 40 ADULTS will be seated comfortably.

  • Can we choose our own destinations?

YES! The Ultimate Bus is for private hire, and therefore, you choose what you want to do and where you want to go… Just as long as the road there is suitable and big enough for our big buses! (I.e. small estates and complexes will not fit our double decker bus through the small gates! So please take careful consideration when planning your route!