Marketing Campaigns

The Ultimate bus has extensive experience doing marketing campaigns for small, medium and large corporations.

The Ultimate Bus is a unique platform for you to market your brand. We have completed many successful marketing campaigns for new and established brands.
Successful marketing campaigns in the past have included the following to their marketing campaign with The Ultimate Bus:

• Wrapping the party bus with your brand
• Peak hour traffic runs
• Parking at venues to create hype and awareness
• Running competitions to win a night out on the party bus
• Social media campaigns (spot the bus ans tweet/facebook us to win)
• Promoters on the bus during parties
• Interior branding
• Advertising on the interior TV’s during parties

We can run marketing campaigns for any length of time from a few days to a year or more! The partybuses have proven to be an exciting way to market brands that grabs attention and leaves a lasting impression!

Call us now for your Ultimate Marketing campaign on 011 053 6778 or Request a quote directly from the website and one of our team can guide you through the booking process and answer any further questions you may have!

Check out our Gallery for photos of some of our previous marketing campaigns!